Sunday, August 1, 2010

40k: Extra Fluffy Special Characters

When the standard fluff isn't enough, make up your own.

I've heard stories about special characters that diverge from the standard fluff created by loving players to fit into thier own take of their gaming universe. Some of these back stories are based on carefully planned paint schemes and modifications, and others on various mishaps and mistakes. Here are two stories based on the latter, direct from their creators:

First up, a special character from a Sisters of Battle Army: 

"The model was the last one I needed to fill out the start of the army. I won an auction for it and payed the next day. She arrived almost a month after the rest of the army. Here's the info"

Sister Uma the Unpunctual - 200pts
Sisters of Battle Cannoness adds 2 faith points

WS: 5
BS: 5 
S: 3 (5) 
T: 3 
W: 3 
A: 4 
I: 5 
LD: 10 
Save: 2+(4+i)

Equipment :
Power Armour, Jump Pack, Cloak of Saint Eligius (adds 1 to save already included in profile) The Eleventh Hour Claymore (blessed weapon-adds 2 to strength), and 2 inferno pistols (count as twin linked) Litanies of faith(4+ invulnerable) Book of St. Lucius.

Special Rules:

Start without Me, Guys
Notoriously late Sister Uma must start the game in reserve, and can enter via deepstrike, however only start rolling for her on turn 3, in addition Sister Uma never automatically enters from reserve, even on the last turn she fails to enter play on a die roll of one, she is running so late she's missed the entire battle.

Tense Arrival
Angry and anxious over being late again Sister Uma furiously enters the battlefield. On the turn she arrived she can launch an assault, in addition on the turn she arrives she also gains the Furious Charge universal special rule."

And here's one from my household - a curious but foolhardy dog, in her infinite doggy wisdom, decided that a warband of old school, metal Chaos Space Marines would make a great midnight snack... until one of them fought back. Here's his story: (note, the dog lived)

"While taking a nice vacation in the Void, the crew of a Chaos Starship landed on a mysterious planet in search of supplies and small fluffy things to dance upon. Unfortunately, what they came across was a huge beast, a hound from Hell twice as big as any Carnifex you ever saw.

In the ensuing struggle, the hound devoured many a brave, dark soul; but one man wouldn't go down easy. Digging his axe into the beast's gums, he clung onto a fang of the monster as he evaded being torn to shreds like so many others. In seconds, the wound dislodged the tooth he was holding onto, and he was pulled into the belly of the beast.

After many a grand and horrifying adventure, using the tooth he still clung to, the lone Berserker tore his way through the beast's innards. He was "reborn" into the world broken and fractured, but with a new resiliance and drive to conquer more of the universe in the name of the Lord of Slaughter, Khorne. Fusing the fang of the beast to his mangled limb, he took on a new name, of from that point on became known as:"

Feceus Goretooth McClullen - 200 Pts

WS: 7
BS: 4
S: 5
T: 4
W: 3
I: 5
A: 4
LD: 10
SV: 3+

Power Armor, Lightning claws, Frag Grenades, Krack Grenades, Personal Icon, Mark of Khorne, Fang of the Beast!

Special Rules:

This is the fang of the beast, grafted to Feceus's bloody nub where his hand was torn off. Counts as a power weapon with rending capabilities. Any character suffering an unsaved wound has to take an additional save vs. infection from vile demon bacteria in the wound.

Ain't Dead Yet!
Upon being killed, Feceus's model remains on the field. He now suffers from Rage. During the movement phase of the following turn, player rolls 1D6. After the first death, Feceus arrises on a roll of 4+, re-entering combat (second death increases the success to a 5+; every death after that requires 6+).

What's That Smell?
Having spent time in the digestive tract of a giant hell hound, Feceus is constantly surrounded by a foul stench that weakens the resolve of even the most hardened warrior. Any unit within 6" of Feceus, friend and foe alike, loses 1 to their weapon skill, ballistic skill, and initiative."

What are some of your fevered gamer mind's special character's back stories and stats?  Everyone has that one hilarious event or game that has spawned an IC you keep rolling around your noggin.  Lets hear em!

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