Sunday, June 13, 2010

My army is sparklier than yours. Or something.

After raising the hackles of a few on my last post, I thought it best to write a more neutral one about my army and its 'My Little Pony' sparkly-ness.

I play Daemons of Chaos in WFB - the force is mainly Khorne with some Tzeentch thrown in for flavor. I chose the army for its aesthetics, not due to it [probably] being the most broken, powerful army in WFB right now - I argue that for its game system Wings of Sanguinius is worse and more cheesy than anything available for my army.

My Current List:

Blood Thirster - firestorm, armor of Khorne, spellbreaker, immortal fury
Skulltaker on foot
Khorne Herald on juggernaut with hellfire banner, firestorm, armor of Khorne
Tzeentch Herald with spellbreaker, master of sorcery
Horrors x10
Horrors x10
Bloodletters x16 with standard, musician, and skullstandard (skulltakers unit)
Fleshhounds x6 - (juggernaut herald's unit)
Fleshhounds x5
Flamers x6

I'm working on modifying this list to make it more stabby. Even through it's great to have an army that contains magic, and such armies tend to garner more wins, I don't like fielding them because I hate math [I'll get to that next time] and my dice hate me. Doesn't matter how great my list is, I'll end up blowing it up with failed leadership checks.

Anyway, on to a few quick shot of my Bloodcrusher on Juggernaut:

Why pink? Because I'm tired of seeing armies that look like the pictures on the boxes. The classic brick red of Khorne just doesn't appeal to me - I wanted something goofy and bright. So, I set out to create the most obnoxious army possible with a bright color scheme. I enlisted JWolf to paint the Khorne portion, and he's done a brilliant job.

There's still some work to be done on it. I will be sure to post updates- look forward to a blood thirster with interchangeable heads, and some chrome flamers.

I love seeing custom themed armies that are heavily modded and painted outside the norm - Jody Tucker is a personal favorite, he really puts his soul into his armies. He's a true artist. One I wish I could be.

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